Welcome to my blog

Hello there 🙂 Glad you could stop by.

Why Panorama254? Well, I would like this platform to be an unbroken perspective on international affairs from a Kenyan point of view.

So who am I?

Queen Inside

My name is Kesho Kioko, a young Kenyan college student bursting with ideas and opinions (join the club right) but only just beginning to the value in sharing these thoughts. My major is International Relations, within this I am concentrating on Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. Additionally, I’m taking a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies.I am now in my final year and have been profoundly affected by the issues I analyze on a day to day basis. It can get quite depressing actually. Thankfully I have two dogs, so that helps.


Little background; like any other twenty something year old, i’m just trying to figure out how I fit into the life equation. Two experiences have profoundly shaped how I think about international relations. The first, a five month student exchange program to the United States where I got to learn several related subjects from an American perspective. After this, a six month internship with the UN Refugee Agency in Kenya. This compounded with an already ardent love for International Relations has made sharing my point of view an imperative.

So, what topics I am interested in getting your perspective on? All of them! Well obviously each blog post will have a certain topic of interest. I see two types of stories being told. The first will be the featuring of organic efforts on the African continent being utilized to address seemingly endemic issues. Poverty, Food Insecurity, Terrorism, Illiteracy, Climate Change, Donor Aid… what is being done by Africans themselves to alleviate these?


The second set of stories will follow this format:

  1. Highlighting a current issue in the international sphere: terrorism, human trafficking, political, economic and social issues, security and the like.
  2. Case study of the day: a country that is being affected by said issue and the ‘African Response’ versus the ‘International Response’.
  3. Implications of this and more importantly your take on this. 🙂

I truly believe that there is an inherent power in sharing knowledge and not hoarding it. Above all, the end goal is coming up with simple and widely applicable solutions to some of the most engaging, difficult and persistent problems of our time. Working together is the best way to achieve this.

Looking forward to your views.